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Kintsugi Restoration Milan

Who is not fascinated by the theme of the mask? Vitangelo Moscarda, the character described by Pirandello in “Uno nessuno centomila”, is the emblem of all the masks we wear, one for every person who observes us. But if we are so many people, then maybe it’s like being Nobody. Hence the idea of serially reproducing  some of the stereotyped characters of the theatre, just like all of us, in life, we reciting a stereotype. What differentiates us from all the other characters? The pain, the suffering, the experiences that in life have shaped and transformed us. So the masks suddenly all become different, each showing its own scars, proud of its own uniqueness.

This masks are produced by a ceramist, based on our design, and is fired only once (bisquit). The color is given by the urushi lacquer, which is given in many coats, with very long drying times. It takes about four months to lacquer the base of the mask.

The mask is then broken and put back together with mugi urushi (a glue made from ki-urushi mixed with wheat flour).

The masks are finished with different materials, black urushi (roiro), red urushi (aka, bengara) and kintsugi technique with gold 24kt or silver, raden (mother of pearl).

All of our pieces are unique.

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