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Kintsugi Restoration Milan


After graduating from high school, she graduated in antiques and wood restoration at the Higher Institute of Architecture and Design (ISAD).

Since 1995 she has been working on her own in the field of restoration and gilding. Among her teachers she can include illustrious names, such as Franco Sabatelli, Gacarù, Gioachino Giussani, Franco de Ruvo, Gennaro Pazienza. Anita worked for important Milanese antique dealers, mainly in the Brera area. Taking advantage of her knowledge in the field of restoration, gilding and the oriental world in general (she is an A.I.C.S. taijiquan instructor), she specialized in the kintsugi technique thanks to the teacher Iku Nishigawa, who lives and works in Oxford, and the master Sato Takahiko, from Kyoto.

She learned the maki-e (lacquer) technique under the guidance of master Matsuda Shokan, sensei for life.

She cooperates with prestigious universities, museums, foundations and with the Japanese consulate.

In 2021 won the prestigious “Rotary Professionalism Award”.
In 2022 participated in the “Homo Faber” Biennial Exhibition which took place at Palazzo Cini, Venice.
In 2022 rewarded the prestigious title of “Master of Art and Craft” by the Cologni Foundation.


Anita has always combined her passion for restoration with a propensity for writing. She collaborated in the writing of the encyclopedia “Living in the countryside” published by Hobby & Work and for ten years she wrote for the magazine “Promozione Umana” of the association of the same name for the recovery of people suffering from addiction.

Then she published three books for the Edizioni Stilnovo publishing house.
Il Sammartino, 2014
Il giardino dei Semplici, 2016
Kintsugi, un viaggio alla scoperta dell’Oriente, 2018


Homo Faber member

Homo Faber is a cultural movement centred on creative artisans, its signature projects are educations programmes for the next generations. An international biennal celebration and an online guide.

Wellmade Member

Wellmade is a project of the Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte Foundation, conceived with Dario Riva and Edoardo Perri. The Cologni Fondazione dei Mestieri d’Arte is a private non-profit institution, founded in Milan in 1995 by will of Franco Cologni, who is its President. It promotes a series of cultural, scientific and informative initiatives for the protection and diffusion of artistic professions.

MAM 2022

Maestro d’Arte e Mestiere is a biennial recognition established by the Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte Foundation. MAM aims to offer an independent public title to Italian Masters of Art who have distinguished themselves for particular professional merits, and for the activity carried out in the transmission of knowledge in the field of excellent artistic craftsmanship.


Io Donna – Novembre 2016

Brescia Oggi – Gennaio 2018

Giornale di Brescia – Gennaio 2018

Brescia Oggi – Aprile 2020

Marieclaire – Gennaio 2021

La Repubblica – luglio 2021

Living – Ottobre 2022

F – Aprile 2023

Vallarsa – Settembre 2023

Donna Moderna – Ottobre 2023

La cucina Italiana – Gennaio 2024

Elledecor – Gennaio 2024

Living – Febbraio 2024

Ville e giardini – Marzo 2024

Dove – Aprile 2024

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