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Kintsugi Restoration Milan

We produce furniture items of the highest quality, which carry a message with them. The original raw materials come specifically from Japan: the pottery and the precious urushi lacquer. Our objects are then finished with kintsugi pure gold powder, or simply with urushi lacquer, urushi tsugi.

Our objects are unique, there is no catalog because we do not work in series, each ceramic breaks in a different, asymmetrical way, precisely according to the canons of Japanese aesthetics which declaim the characteristics of beauty with three terms: transience, simplicity, asymmetry.


The passion for design also leads us to do a lot of research, to explore new creative ideas. We experiment by applying the ancient kintsugi technique on unusual materials.


Since 2018 we have been collaborating with Saporiti Italia, a well-known leading company in the creation of refined furniture collections. In the same year we carried out some work on marble which is now found in Singapore.


Urushi is a lacquer with incredible properties, once it has polymerized it becomes like ceramic. For this reason in Japan it is used to polish wooden objects into which boiling food can then be poured and which can be easily washed. For years KINTSU has offered the MOKUZAI line, wooden objects lacquered with urushi. The urushi tsugi technique also lends itself very well to highlighting the natural grain of wood, as we do with objects from artisan turners.

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