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Kintsugi Restoration Milan

I have known the Gacarù, descendants of a historic Milanese family of antique dealers, for many years. I worked for them as a frame restorer and, over time, we also became friends. Forty years ago, the Gacarùs collected a prestigious selection of Chinese vases destroyed in a bombing from a Milanese family of collectors.

They kept the pieces for years until, last summer, they decided to give them to me to try to put the pieces back together. So seventeen crates of fragments of various shapes and sizes were delivered to me.

It was like having more than two hundred and fifty puzzles of which all the pieces had been mixed up.

The first phase of the work was to sort all the pieces on large tables, divide them by shape and color. My dream is to create a collection of vases to be exhibited in various museums to spread the culture of kintsugi and, who knows, maybe be able to publish a catalogue.

In martial arts DO means “that which leads”, basically “the way”. Judo, the way of compliance; kendo, the way of the sword; budo, the way of war…

This restoration project will be so long that, for me, it will certainly be both a professional and life journey. So I thought of calling it kintsugi do – the way of kintsugi.

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