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Kintsugi Restoration Milan



Biscuit reproduction of a traditional Japanese Noh theater mask, finished with mother of pearl (raden). Base lacquered with roiro urushi, broken, glued with mugi urushi and finished with mother of pearl.

Measurements: 36 x 27 cm, height 12 cm.

The product is supplied with its own dedicated box, plexiglas pedestal and warranty certificate.


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In the No theater tradition, Hannya, which translated means wisdom, represents jealousy and is part of the group of onryo-men, i.e. vengeful spirits. Before putting on Hannya, the Deigan (golden eyes) mask is usually used, which represents a high-ranking woman who already shows the first symptoms of possession.

Legend has it that Hannya was a beautiful woman in love with a mercenary who went around disguised as a samurai.
One day she surprised him in an amorous attitude with another woman. Pervaded by pain and anger, she approached the river with the intention of committing suicide but, at that moment, a demon appeared who proposed to put an end to her suffering and also give her immortality in exchange for the beautiful face of she.

She hannya became such a horrible demon that she no longer desired to know the love of a man, but rather to cause her torment and fear of her.

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