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Kintsugi Restoration Milan



We also hold kintsugi courses as team building activities for companies. During these workshops we do not provide kits with the original materials because the aim is not to learn the true original kintsugi technique, but we organize everything with the aim of internalizing the metaphor it brings, that is, transforming difficulty into opportunity.

The kintsugi team building course is aimed at employees of all levels, at managers with their own team to strengthen teamwork, at managers of different functions to increase cohesion and transversal work.

During our kintsugi team building you learn to internalize the work done manually and strengthen your ability to manage crisis situations.

The most intense perception is that, from a moment of crisis, an even greater advantage can be drawn than in a normal situation. Difficulty becomes opportunity.

Kintsugi team building workshops help you enhance your personal skills and be more aware of your uniqueness.

Furthermore, the restoration activity helps the development of problem solving skills and the management of priorities.

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